Our wide variety of activities is fun for all ages! Enjoy time with your family in a clean and friendly atmosphere, enjoy over 35 arcade games, kids rides, the new state of the art LAZER MASE, the kid’s play area (jungle gym) for smaller children and much more. Come and play the day away!

Laser maze is a futuristic amusement. Player needs to get through the room filled with lots of laser beams without crossing them. Just like in spy movies. If player touches a beam, he triggers a light and sound alarm. At the end of the game player can see their stats on the screen. There are 4 different game modes: spy (single player), team, survival, destroyer.


Our multi-level, jungle themed soft play areas for children provide fun and excitement for young JungleExplorers. Large Tunnel slide, cross walk rope, tree steps and jungle cart viewing platform along with ball pit.



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