If you are a parent, grandparent, guardian or just a lover of children, and seek activities to entertain children, then Coco Jam is the place to be!! Coco Jam is Kingston’s colourful, well designed, spacious, and fully equipped wholesome Family Entertainment and Party Centre. At Coco Jam the fun never stops, movement is free, there is a bounce in every one’s step, and laughter fills the air.

“To Create a Fun-Filled and Happy Place.”

The Management and Team of Coco Jam give priority to fostering a work environment in which employees feel prioritized, safe, cared for and in which they can realize their professional potential and development.

In so doing, it is paramount to create and organizational culture which enables and fosters trust, integrity, communication, sharing of ideas, and continuous progression. We cater to families, which entail love, trust, ever present smiles, laughter and a bond that is natural and unconditional.

In order to create that environment for our customers, we must first be able to create it among ourselves as a Coco jam family. We expect each member of our team to see each other as brothers and sisters, and maintain this notion in matters of conflict resolution, communication, and work ethic.